As a part of a family owned and operated business, the Benchmark family has taken great pride in supporting our neighbors and their business ventures in the Lone Star State since 1964. Texas companies often face financial strain from the expense of large, up-front insurance premium costs. We offer commercial insurance loans that allow payments on a customized schedule, freeing up capital to invest in areas that better suit their business needs.

Benefits for Business Owners

We offer competitive rates with neighborly service. Business owners get a personalized plan and white glove service from a local team of experts that know them by name, not account number. We recognize that every business’ financial situation is unique, and customize payment plans to fit each client’s budget.

Community Lenders Know Local Business Better

Our experienced, credentialed team works in tandem to address our clients’ unique business needs. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. We believe in our neighbors and will do everything in our power to create the perfect solution to help them succeed.

Benefits for Insurance Agents

Businessowners typically owe a premium on their insurance policy as soon as it begins. Many choose to finance their premium instead, which breaks that sum into smaller payments over time. Insurance agents secure the loan through Benchmark Premium Finance on their client’s behalf, and the business owner gets to focus on what matters most: their business.

How It Works